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Booking your Driving Practical Test

Once you have passed your theory test you are able to book your practical (you are not able to do so before as you need your certificate number to proceed with the booking).

Again, as with booking the practical test, it is best to go to the Direct Gov website to do so as there are a lot of rogue sites which will charge extra, and in some cases you may find that you are paying double for booking a test. These sites will promise you different dates and times but you also have access to the short notice dates/times and can change your test date and time to get a late cancellation, as long as you give a week’s notice you will not be charged. You are able to do this up to three times, just ensure you have your booking reference on you.

If you click on the link below this will take you directly to the website to book a practical:

Please ensure you have the following to book a practical test:

  • Credit/debit card
  • Theory test certificate
  • Provisional driving licence
  • Your driving instructors licence number.

The site will ask for some personal details such as name and address, your theory test certificate number, your instructor’s licence number. The system will generate a handful of test centres near your postcode; select the one where you’d like to take your test. You will then be asked the date and time you would like to take your practical test, from this it will provide a list of possible times, if the requested date/time isn’t available alternatives will be displayed.