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Booking your Driving Theory Test

So you’ve received your provisional licence through the post and been having a few lessons with a professional driving instructor with Amdi driving school of course and been accompanying these with some private lessons with friends/family whilst being insured through the ‘Provisional Marmalade’ (see later for more details on this) but you now need to start thinking about your theory test (which needs to be passed before booking your practical test).

Make sure you practice your highway code, road signs and hazard perception/awareness amdi driving school retail the books and the DVD (prices range from £2.50 – £10), which encompass all the theory you need for passing your test. It is also a good idea to get your instructor, family and friends to quiz you.

If you click on the link above this will direct you straight to the Direct Government website; ‘How to book a theory test’. You will need your provisional driving licence and a credit or debit card to hand to book the test. You will need to complete a form detailing some personal details, such as your name and address and then a list of test centres nearest you will be displayed, click the one most convenient for you. The site will then ask you for a date when you wish to take your test and supply times available on that date (if your date isn’t available alternatives will be provided).

Once a date and time is selected you will proceed to the payment site and will need to enter your credit or debit card details to confirm your booking, at present the theory test is £21.00. Please be aware of rogue websites that will charge you more for booking your theory test, in some instances double the normal price and you will not be able to claim this money back. You will receive an email confirming the payment and booking, which you will need to print and take along to the test centre with you.

You are able to change your theory test up to three times without being charged as long as you give at least a week’s notice, and you are able to do this online using your reference number.

Good luck!