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Last updated: 23rd February 2021:

Yesterday the Government announced driving tests could recommence from 12th April 2021.

We are still awaiting an announcement from the DVSA/Government as to when driving lessons can recommence. We 100% know driving lessons can restart from 12th April 2021. We anticipate the DVSA announcing we can start driving lessons from the 29th March 2021.

Any learner driver with a driving test booked on 12th April or just after will need vital practice before their test. Therefore, it would make sense to allow driving lessons to restart before 12th April 2021.

At the moment, until we receive more information, you can book your driving lessons for 12th April 2021 onwards with us.

Driving Lessons in London:

All driving lessons and tests will restart on 12th April 2021 onwards. We are awaiting further clarification on whether learners can start sooner so they are ready to take their practical test on 12th April 2021. We anticipate an update in the next few days.

What are we doing to improve health and safety during these challenging times?

To our knowledge and from what the Government tells us, the virus seems to be spreading more easily in high traffic and busy environments.

Driving lessons take place in a relatively confined space hence why our instructors will be doing the following between each lesson once the lockdown has been lifted:

  • Keeping the car well ventilated with fresh air usually by cracking the windows slightly
  • Cleaning their car daily
  • Wiping down the common contact service areas of the car in between lessons with bacterial wipes
  • It comes as standard anyone the instructor will avoid going into your personal space unless it’s an emergency

Once the lockdown ends and our instructors get back to work, they will continue to follow the COVID-19 back-to-work guidance and Government guidelines.

We also ask the same from you, the learner driver. Please respect the guidelines and follow them closely with your allocated instructor.

Hygiene and ventilation in the car are essential. Our instructors will ensure their cars are cleaned before each lesson, wiping down of common areas between lessons will happen and deep cleaning of cars will also happen at the end of each working day. For more information and guidance see the government guidelines which we will obviously be adhering to.