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Ask an ADI

ADI’s (approved driving instructors) have a wealth of knowledge and at amdi driving school we’ve got loads of them. So fill out the contact form below with your question and we will get one of our approved driving instructors to reply with no obligation. We are happy to answer any question from theory and licensing questions to relationship advice! So feel free to pick our brains and take advantage of this wonderful free service!

“What If My Instructor Tells Me That I’m Not Ready For A Test”

Listen to him he is a professional and knows his business – he is not trying to ‘make money out of you’ he is trying to ‘save’ you money – the cost of a test and to use the car on the day of the test is equivalent of another 5 or 6 driving lessons! Why not use that money to make sure you are up to test standard rather than waste it on a fail that is not only expensive but demoralizing. If you want a second opinion the office can arrange another instructor to take you on a mock test and then give you their opinion- but nothing beats your own instructors view as he knows you best.

‘How Many Lessons Do I Need?’

Don’t expect your instructor to be able to tell you this on your first lesson! Learning to drive is a skill- not something that can be learnt by rote or by full filling a certain amount of lessons. Everyone is different therefore there is no specific answer – but driving is a lot more than just the mechanics of learning how to move a car. Road skills are a major requirement and inevitably every time you go on a lesson the situations you come across on the road will be different, so you will over time become proficient in dealing with every eventuality- there is no quick fix.

“I Don’t Get With My Driving Instructor”

Any one to one relationship requires a bit of give and take- unless you voice your concerns with your instructor he won’t know how you feel. It may be something that can easily be ironed out with a bit of discussion or may be a clash of personalities,. If you feel you are unable to bring this up with your instructor don’t leave it – call the office and discuss the situation with one of our experienced receptionists, they can either talk to the instructor on your behalf or if you really can’t carry on book you with an alternative instructor. We endeavor to make your learning experience with our company a happy and positive one and with your help we can full fill this aim.

“When Can I Start Taking Driving Lessons?

You can apply for your provisional driving licence up to 3 months prior to your 17th birthday; by completing a D1 form either online at application on by collecting one from the post office.

“How Many Lessons Do I Need To Pass My Test?

Everyone is different but the DSA say on average 35/40 professional tutored lessons but this is all dependant on past experience and how quick the pupil can ‘pick-up’ driving, if this is accompanied by private practice it will speed the process up.

“How Much Does It Cost To Learn To Drive?

This varies person to person and takes into consideration different factors such as; has the person already some driving experience, is it automatic or manual, how much private practice they are able to do etc.

“Should I Learn Manual Or Automatic?

The thing to consider here is if you learn automatic then you will only ever be able to drive an automatic car, which may cause problems later when hiring or purchasing vehicles. It would always be advisable to have a lesson in a manual first to see how you get on.

“How Do Get An Instructor?

You can call us, amdi driving school on Tel: 02076848622 or Mob; 07866941436 for free and we will be able to allocate an instructor for you that covers your area. We have a large number of instructors on our books, both male and female instructors and can offer both manual and automatic lessons.

“What Car Will I Drive?

Our fleet cars are either new Volkswagen  Pollo, Kia or Automatic Toyota Yaris  however some of our instructors use their own vehicles and there are a range of these so please ask before booking if you are worried, or wish to have a certain car.

“What If I Don’t Like The Car Or Instructor?

Because we have a large number of instructors on our book, we would more than likely be able to move you to another instructor to suit your needs/requirements.

“What Times/Days Can I Have Lessons?

Daytime lessons run from 7am-3pm Monday – Friday and are charged Manual and automatic £25.00 pounds, weekend and evening lessons are outside these hours Monday – Friday and  weekend Manual and Automatic £27.00 pounds.

“Can I Have More Than One Lesson At One Time Or A Week?

You can have more than one lesson a week and can choose to have double lessons, as long as your instructor’s diary has the space you have requested.

“Have You Any Foreign Speaking Instructors?

We have several instructors that all speak English as their first language.

“What If I’ve Decided Not To Have Any More Lessons At This Time, Can I Get A Refund?

If you want a refund on any block bookings you have made you will be charged the full rate for the lessons you have had and the difference will be refunded.