Welcome To Amdi Driving School

INSTRUCTORS WANTED: Earn up to £60,000 per year with Amdi Driving School

Amdi Driving School offers a fantastic franchise opportunity to fellow driving instructors who are based in and operate in the area’s Hackney, Hackney Central, Hackney Wick, Homerton, Leyton, Clapton, Dalston, Stoke Newington, and Hoxton.

The Earning Opportunity

Part-time franchise:

  • £50.00 a week to join
  • Working 25 Lessons a week for a total of £750 earnings per week
  • Guaranteed minimum 32 people a year

Total earnings: £39,000 a year

Full-time franchise:

  • £80.00 a week to join
  • Working 40 hours a week for a total of £1,200 earnings per week
  • Minimum 52 people a year

Total Earnings: £62000 a year (minimum)

We provide a full extensive package for our franchisee:

  1. New pupils supplied without charge!
  2. Start-up pack and stationery.
  3. Professionally designed website for your area.
  4. Search engine optimization for your instructor website.
  5. An advert in YELL.com (online business directory)
  6. An advert in all other major driving school directories!
  7. Advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business
  8. Reduced Decal and Top box costs.
  9. No hidden pupil charges or ‘add on’ costs
  10. In need of sponsorship! We will sponsor you.
  11. Unlimited leaflets delivered to you for your personal use.
  12. Up to 2 weeks’ holiday per year.
  13. You need to sign a 6 monthly contract so we don’t get confused
  14. Lesson prices to match your area.
  15. Minimum of 52 booked pupils per annum

If you’re a driving instructor and struggling to get leads or you don’t want to pay the franchise of other driving schools, then please contact us today on 07866941426 or info@amdidrivingschool.co.uk

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