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Police officers cracking down on drivers STILL using mobile whilst driving!

Posted on 01/10/2018

Police officers cracking down on drivers STILL using mobile whilst driving!

London double decker buses

Police officers are now cleverly becoming passengers on double-decker buses to crack down on motorists STILL using mobile whilst driving! And if caught, you could lose your licence!

Police officers cracking down on drivers STILL using mobile whilst driving!

Police officers are now becoming just as sneaky as offenders and going undercover in this new, unique but brilliant way to catch drivers.

‘Operation Top Deck’, as the new technique has been called, involves police officers dressed in normal clothes taking a spot on the top deck of double-decker buses during several different bus journies to keep an eye out for those still using their phone.

All officers on board are equipped with video cameras, so they can discretely catch drivers using their phones along with their numberplate. They’ll work as a team with officers on bikes, who will be radio alerted of any drivers breaking the law, so they can track them down and show them the full footage of them committing the crime. Just when you thought the drivers day couldn’t get any worse, officers will continue to show them heart wrenching clips of the dangers they could have potentially caused.

police officer on double decker bus
Photo Credit to Sunday Express.

What happens if you are caught on your mobile phone whilst driving?

Unfortunately, there was a case highlighted in the news where a driving instructor in Hackney was using his tablet device to mark a mock driving test for a pupil.

The police caught him, fined £200 and he has been issued with 6 points. He is now at risk of losing his licence to teach.

If you’re in your first two years of driving, 6 points is also enough to lose your licence for good, and it isn’t just an exaggerated consequence officers use to scare you.

We had a pupil once who was taking driving lessons in clapton and lost their licence just 2 months after passing because he was silly enough to be caught texting while driving. He was spotted by officers, pulled over and given 6 points upfront before he even had a chance to enjoy the freedom.

As a general rule, you will be fined and receive 6 points if you are driving using a mobile phone or supervising a learner. For more information visit Talking on the Phone and Driving to find out the consequences.

45 drivers caught in just 2 hours!

The West Midlands force’s Road Harm Reduction Team were the first team of police officers to trail this method, and an astonishing 45 drivers were caught in the space of just a few hours. The guilty drivers caught are now awaiting their consequences.

woman caught using phone while driving

For some real-life footage of this technique in full operation, head over to this Express article!

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