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To avoid any misunderstandings here are our pupils terms and conditions, we have tried to make them as easy to read as possible for you:

Terms & Conditions!

At Amdi driving school our driving instructors are all self-employed franchisees, therefore we act as their agent, taking bookings and transferring payments across to them. The contract for driving lessons is between pupils and their instructors.

Once you have made a payment to us, we will forward the total amount to the driving instructor, after the first lesson has been conducted. In the event you would like a refund, please approach your instructor first. If you are unhappy with this, we recommend that you pay your instructor for each individual lesson, though you will not be able to take advantage of a block booking discount if you choose to pay per lesson.

– For your financial peace of mind and protection, we strongly advise any block payments should be made to Amdi driving school over the phone or online. We cannot be held responsible for any large sum cash payments you decide to give to your instructor on your lessons.

–  Amdi driving school instructors will provide the pupil with a dual controlled car in a clean and roadworthy condition.

– All Amdi driving school instructors will represent themselves in a professional manner and be smart in appearance.

– Amdi driving school has a strict no smoking policy.

– Amdi driving school driving instructors will abide by an equal opportunity policy and will not discriminate against race, colour, creed, gender or sexual orientation, etc.


Your Amdi driving school instructor is entitled to withdraw their car for the usage of your test, should they feel you are not ready. Your Amdi driving school instructor will always give you a minimum of 5 working days notice providing you haven’t come to the instructor at short notice (less than 5 working days).

You are allowed to take your driving test if you do not pass a mock driving test, as long as your Amdi driving school instructor is confident you still have a reasonable chance of passing.

Very occasionally instructors can become ill at short notice. In the event that this happens, we will endeavour to find you another instructor, but cannot guarantee anything at such short notice.

In the event, the instructor’s car is not road worthy for your driving test. Your instructor and Amdi driving school do their utmost to find you a like for like vehicle. However, we cannot guarantee an identical vehicle.

If the DVSA examiner has declined to go out on test in your instructor’s car because it’s not roadworthy for any reason such as a nail in tyre or brake light not working, your driving instructor will pay for your a replacement test.


Any block bookings paid to the instructor direct by cash or bank transfer is so solely between the pupil and the franchised instructor. In the unlikely event, you are unhappy or need help resolving an issue, you can contact the office and we will try to help resolve the situation.

Like any type of cash purchase; be it from a shop or your driving instructor, you are entitled to ask for a receipt. Please ensure you ask for a receipt on the day of paying cash to the instructor. You must inform us immediately after the lesson if you haven’t obtained a receipt and you would like one.

We cannot be held accountable for any cash/ban transfer payments made to your Amdi driving school instructor. The safest and most secure way to protect your money is by paying Amdi driving school by debit/credit card, bank transfer or through PayPal.

If you are experiencing difficulty with a cash/bank transfer refund from your instructor, Amdi driving school will try to assist on your behalf. In the event we can’t recover your money we may refer you to the following so you can report and make a claim against your allocated instructor:

  • Citizens advice: www.citizensadvice.org.uk/law-and-courts/legal-system/taking-legal-action/small-claims/small-claims/
  • Money Claim online: https://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk/web/mcol/welcome
  • DVSA: https://www.gov.uk/complain-about-a-driving-instructor

If you have paid your driving instructor by cash or bank transfer then your complaint should be against your instructor who is self-employed.

If you have paid Amdi driving school, then your money is protected and you will receive a refund/part refund depending on the complaint and how many hours are still outstanding.

First-time offers are available to new pupils joining Amdi driving school and if they have not had any Lessons before or no Experience, you may only take 1 of these offers and they cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.


You are required to give a minimum of 48 hours notice to your instructor Even if you Test positive for COVID 19 should you wish to cancel or change a lesson. Anything less than 48 hours and your instructor is entitled to charge you the normal lesson rate or the prorated amount if it’s a block booking which includes the discount All Instructors are self Employed they wont get payed if you give Les than 48 hours notice they wont be able to book anyone else in so short Notice.

It is your responsibility to present your valid UK provisional driving license prior to the start of your first lesson. Failure to do so entitles the instructor to cancel any lessons you have booked within 48  hours and you may be charged.

If Amdi driving school driving instructor attending the lesson and the pupil not attending the lessons the instructor will wait half one hour and a full price for the lessons would be charged.

Amdi driving school cannot be responsible for lesson/test cancellation due to mechanical breakdown or other emergencies such as illness/bereavement. We will endeavour to find a replacement vehicle/instructor as soon as possible but this is not guaranteed.


A full refund will only be issued if zero hours have been used and you have paid Amdi driving school direct by debit/credit card/bank transfer or PayPal. To receive a refund you should contact us in writing within 30 days of the purchase date.

In the unlikely event that you are not fully satisfied with a recent driving lesson with us, please inform us of the reasons why via email and forward to info@amdidrivingschool.co.uk Our office manager will look at your email and contact you as quickly as possible.

All pre-paid block booking offers are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. If you have any issues commencing/fulfilling your remaining lessons then please notify us by email: info@amdidrivingschool.co.uk (so we have proof of your problems/circumstances). Unfortunately, if you contact us after the 3 months have expired then you risk losing any remaining lessons.

Once you commence your first driving lesson from a pre-paid booking (which you have 3 months to book in) you then have a further 3 months to complete the remaining lessons with your allocated instructor.

If you experience difficulty booking in with your instructor for whatever reasons then you must put this in writing to us before your lessons expire to avoid disappointment: info@amdidrivingschool.co.uk

If you book an intensive course with Amdi driving school and you then choose to cancel before commencing any lessons – you will lose 50% of the course payment unless a minimum of 2 weeks notice is given. Your instructor has booked your lessons out in their diary and has committed to you. An intensive course requires a lot of planning. Driving instructors are self-employed franchisees’s so the 50% deposit secures your lesson times in the instructor’s diary.  If you have commenced an intensive course and you choose to cancel, then you will forfeit any remaining hours you have paid for.

We believe that any complaints about the instructor’s training vehicle, ethnic origin, sex, or training resources is a form of preference and should be stated when booking the first lesson, not after your first lesson.

If you have any problems or wish to raise a complaint, please consult your allocated Amdi driving school instructor first. If you are still unhappy then put this in writing by email to info@amdidrivingschool.co.uk. Please include your best contact number and our office manager will contact you as soon as possible. If you have lessons outstanding and you would like a refund for the remaining lessons, please raise your concerns within the email and why you wish to receive a refund for any remaining lessons. If you have paid your instructor directly by cash then you should ask for a receipt for payment from the instructor. Please be aware Amdi driving school is not responsible for any monies exchanged between the instructor/s and pupils.

If your complaint is regarding your test preparation please tell us in advance, not after your test, so we can help you. This gives you and us the best possible chance of passing the first time.

Please understand that every instructor has their own way of teaching. If you have decided to seek a second opinion from another driving school and they disagree with our instructor’s teaching methods it doesn’t always mean your new school is right. If you have any issues regarding your lessons, then please speak to your instructor or alternatively contact us at info@amdidrivingschool.co.uk


Amdi driving school is entitled to change driving tuition offers and prices at any time. Lesson prices are subject to change depending on location and whether you learn in an automatic or manual vehicle.

Any pre-payments are honoured at the time in which they were purchased, but the first lesson must be taken within a 6 month period from the date of purchase.


Amdi driving school and our franchised driving instructors are not liable to you (the pupil) for any loss or damage caused relating to any business interests such as lost profits, lost earnings, loss of opportunity/business or business interruption, including in no event liable for negligence or breach of statutory duty.

All of the content provided on this website such as information, logos, and images relating to Amdi driving school as a company and the products/services provided, are displayed without any representation of a warranty being made, whether it be implied warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, compatibility, non-infringement, accuracy and security. For what has been permitted by law exclusion of all terms and warranties are applied whether directly or indirectly.

Amdi driving school does not represent the information provided being error-free and is not liable for any viruses or malware that the server may transmit between devices/users.


The Driving Manual is available free of charge to all Amdi driving school pupils online, please visit our Learning Centre.

You can access the  driving test tips online via our Learning Centre


In the event that the teaching vehicle has a mechanical fault during the lesson, which could not be prevented, our Amdi driving school instructor will pass the remaining time left onto your next lesson. If this is not possible, they will offer a refund for the remaining minutes owed.

In the event that the car is damaged due to driver error from the pupil, any time spent resolving the issue will count as the pupil’s lesson time.

For example: if the pupil hits the curb on a road and damages the alloy/punctures a tyre, the pupil will lose any remaining minutes it takes to change the tyre. The instructor will not charge the pupil for the damages – only lesson time may be lost.