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“I passed driving test with AMDI driving school, my driving instructor AMDI was recommended to me from a friend of mine, AMDI he really is one of the best driving instructors in ISLINGTON, I did an intensive/crash driving course and passed driving test nice and easy at Loughton. Thanks Wesley.” – Mr Wesley (Islington) 14/03/2019
“Had to change few driving instructors as many of them were wasting my time as well they were shouting at me during a driving lessons when a made a driving fault they seems were not interested, so I decided to join AMDI driving school and I was happy that I join AMDI driving school, I passed driving test at Barking , thanks you Sarah.” – Miss Sarah (Forest Gate) 06/02/2019
“After bad driving experience with other driving instructors I could not see my self passing the driving test as I was driving every day in the same road at 20 mile per hour SO I decided TO change the driving instructor, A friend of my who recommended me AMDI driving school, my driving instructor AMDI he was very calm helped me especially with dual carriageway as I did not like the high speed and the manoeuvres he makes it really very easy how to do them, I passed driving test in Hither green, I would very highly recommend anyone to AMDI driving school, thank you very much Amdi.” –  (MISS Chanel) 01/02/2019
“Passed driving test on first attempt in an semi automatic car at Wanstead with AMDI driving school, I had best driving experience & I enjoyed every driving lessons with AMDI he is absolutely the best driving instructors you can get. Thanks Beth.” – Miss Chikiwa (Hackney) 01/02/2019
“It was wonderful learning to drive experience and specially My driving Instructor Mr. Amdi encouraged me a lot to make it after couple of failure attempts and finally I made it. Now I recommend anybody willing to pass the driving test should contact Mr. Amdi for maximized chances of winning AMDI Driving School.” – Mr Tim (Islington) 23/06/2016
“I pass driving test first time without any faults at chingford driving test centre, I could not believe it as I was worried because my theory test was about to expire in two weeks, I was very nervous on the practical driving test day but AMDI encouraged me and said to me:- I would not take you for driving test if you were not ready, believe in self because you can do it, that boosted my confident and that was what I need to pass my driving test, I highly would recommend anyone to AMDI.” – Mr Amandeep (stock Newington)25/01/2019
“I passed my driving test with only 3 minor driving faults in Chingford thanks to AMDI, he is very enthusiastic and calm driving instructor taught me how to drive from scratch, after passing my driving test I did the pass plus motorway driving lessons courses great experience as it was scary at the beginning especially joining the motorway Exiting the motorway was not that bad as dealing with lorry driver was most danger thing when changing lane discipline, Thanks to AMDI by making sample how and when to change lane while driving on high speed. My brother can not wait to start taking lessons soon as he is 17 & half with AMDI. Thanks again John.” – Mr Jonathan( Chingford) 12/01/2019
“I passed driving test first attempt with AMDI driving school, AMDI is an excellent driving instructors, I did an intensive driving course to get my confidence really worthy, I passed driving test at Barking, I would recommend anyone to AMDI , thanks Beth.” – Miss Beth (Ilford) 09/01/2019
“Fantastic I passed driving test at Loughton , after three years of learning to drive and had four different driving instructors I decided to join AMDI driving school and after hard work I have passed my driving test today together with the help of my instructor AMDI who has been patient and is very knowledgeable. Compare with my other instructors who were not patient and smoking. After I passed my driving test I did the pass plus motorway driving courses absolutely worth doing it as I saved some money on car insurance, no one compare to AMDI, thanks a lot Harj.” – Mr Harj (South woodford) 02/01/2019
“I passed my driving test with only 3 minor driving faults in Wanstead! thanks to AMDI, he is very enthusiastic and calm driving instructor, he help me step by step to pass my driving test, I had experience with other driving schools but after all no one compare to AMDI , I would recommend anyone to AMDI Driving School. ” – Mr David (Homerton) 27/12/2018
“I passed my driving test first attempt only 3 minor faults with Amdi ~ AMDI driving School. Rafal failed 1st attempt as he took it with his own car, after bad experience he Decided Have some professional driving lessons with AMDI & he was very happy of our service. thanks Rafal.” – Mr Rafal (hackney wick)) 20/12/2018
“I passed her Driving test on the First attempt only 4 minor faults in Sid cup. thanks to AMDI Driving School is best driving school in the country, by helping me not only to pass my test but teach me safe driving for life! thanks Emma.” – Miss Emma (clapton) 15/12/2018
“I passed driving test on the first attempt with only 6 minor driving faults. Andrew was very pleased with our service. when Lesley had his first driving lesson with us, and I said that he was ready for his driving test, he did not believe it as he said other driving schools rip you off before they take you for the driving test. He said he was worried about which driving school to choose as he had driving experience before with his wife, when Lesley spoke to me (AMDI), he said he wanted to do an intensive driving courses, but I recommended Lesley to have a driving lesson before starting the intensive driving course and he found out that he only needed 5 driving lessons, he was absolutely over the moon. as are all the AMDI Driving School learners .” – Mr Lesley (Hackney) 23/11/2018
“Dr Rani, I passed my driving test on first attempt with AMDI driving school and took the pass plus motorway driving lessons course, great driving experience, I would highly recommend friends & family to AMDI, many thanks.” Dr Rani – (Stoke Newington) 16/11/2018
“I thought would never passed my driving test. Thanks to AMDI driving school, AMDI help me step by step from scratch and I passed my driving test on first attempt at Chingford , the examiner got a bit frightened when he saw me but as soon as the examiner got in the car he realize who my instructor was then he started to relax as we drove off and come back to the test centre the examiner said it was a very nice drive. I said thanks to AMDI , He is the best! many thanks Halima.” – Miss Halima (Ilford) 20/10/2018
“Hi AMDI, I just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU for helping me pass my driving test today! It has taken me 10 years to achieve this, and I am so grateful – so many times I thought I didn’t have the confidence or what it took to pass, but you stayed patient and worked with me to build up my confidence – have to say this is the best feeling in the world! Of all the instructors I’ve had in the past you’ve been the best as you never once shouted or raised your voice, you staying calm kept me calm! I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who is learning to drive – so once again thank you so much for everything! Tina.” – Miss Tina (Barking) 09/10/2018
“I started my driving experience with AMDI. I couldn’t have felt in safer hands throughout this entire process. AMDI is such an enthusiastic & encouraging driving instructor, I Passed Driving test with confidence. So many thanks Jasmine.” – Miss Jasmine (Bacton) 02/10/2018
“I passed my driving test with confidence!! After bad experience with other driving instructor’s I decided to give AMDI driving school a ring, AMDI is an excellent instructor help me to how to deal with roundabouts as other driving instructors teach me i had to stop at the roundabouts well not exactly right, for more information call AMDI.” – Mr Avdullah (Canning town) 02/02/2016
“After few years driving abroad I wanted to get a full UK licence. A friend of mine recommended me AMDI, I had 5 lessons and went for my driving test and passed first time in WENSTEAD, absolutely not wasting time,AMDI Keeps it Short and Simple. so many thanks Poul.” – Mr Poul (Clapton) 28/01/2016
“Fantastic I passed my driving test on the 1st attempt with 2 minor Faults at Hithe GREEN, Thanks to AMDI driving school my instructor AMDI is really a Brilliant driving instructor he taught me step by step in a easy and steady way of driving and all the manoeuvres he made them very simple for me to understand them how do them, he is a great professional, friendly and calm instructor, during my exam I was nervous on my exam day but prior to my exam I had a lesson which help me a lot and AMDI was very supportive. I will recommend AMDI driving school to all my friends and family in the future! thank you so much Aparma.” – Miss Aparma (leyton) 24/09/2018
“I Passed driving test at Sid cup on 1st attempt. AMDI DRIVING SCHOOL driving has excellent driving instructors and AMDI driving school is one of the best driving schools/driving instructors, quality driving lessons guaranteed not wasting your time and money, Many thanks Andy.” – Mr Andy (Wanstead) 19/09/2018
“Big thanks to AMDI DRIVING SCHOOL . Passing my driving test with AMDI has been a great driving experience, the driving lessons were quality, I would definitely recommend them to anyone, comparing to my other driving instructors? The driving lessons with AMDI were much more progressively than the other driving schools. I passed my driving test at Wood green in no time! Ryan King.” – Mr Ryan King (Stanford hill)14/08/2018
“Started learning to drive with AMDI DRIVING SCHOOL as a beginner, Thanks to AMDI he is very enthusiastic driving instructor helping me step by step to pass my driving test with confidence. I passed my driving test on the first attempt at Hither green. Amazing when the Examiner said that it was a great drive. Choosing a driving instructor can be really difficult as there are too many driving schools out there, so I would very highly would recommend any one to AMDI DRIVING SCHOOL! Thank you so much Jora.” – Miss Jora( New cross) 05/08/2018
“Yeah, I passed my driving test first time. Thanks to you AMDI helping me from scratch passing the driving test on my first attempt, I earned a free driving lesson by recommending my relatives to AMDI DRIVING SCHOOL absolutely great service. I just want to advice other people who definitely wants to pass their driving test, they should start taking driving lessons with you as you are seriously the best, so much patience, great attitude, motivational and most of all you always give a lot of praise & always KEEP calm!!! I am literally over the moon thank you AMDI! .” – ! Miss Katie(Victoria Park)12/01/2016
“Wow ! Too busy at work at the moment, don’t like it! Anyway vaguely remember an email from you about driving. Have just sent you my instructors number. He was SO good. Seriously, good success rate and and I had no confidence or skills and passed so I think he’s a really good one! And how are you? I’m living near you at doms but not for much longer so me you Igbal should meet soon! Brunch Tomorrow? Xx” – Miss Nailaa Iqbal (Walthamstow) 15/07/2018
“AMDI was a fantastic driving Instructor! Having experienced the less than adequate tutelage of other instructors. I can confidently say that AMDI has the skills to help anyone pass! He is patient, calm and clear with instructions. Super flexible too! I would recommend him and wise driver to anyone wanting to pass their test .” – Miss Emma Kirsty Harris (Brockley) 01/12/2017
“Thank you very much for being such a brilliant instructor over the past months. After having had bad experiences with learning to drive in the past, I was very nervous about getting back in the driving seat. AMDI was recommended to me by a friend and I amso glad that he was. AMDIS’s teaching style is relaxed and trusting, which was key in building my confidence. I believe I am now a much more safe and confident driver than I could have been with any other instructor. He adapted his methods to my own learning needs as I progressed and sensitively worked through any problems and frustrations – including a first time fail! The second test was the charm though and I have wholeheartedly recommend AMDI to others and will continue to do so .” – Mr Preet Dhaliwal (Redbridge) 17/11/2017
“AMDI is very knowledgeable in teaching driving, he was very patient and flexible in terms of hours/times and picking me up from different locations. He is good at explaining rules and technicalities of driving safely specially on roundabouts which was my weakness being from California where there are no roundabouts. I passed with zero faults and am very happy with the results. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn driving and become a certified driver in UK.” – Miss Millie Murray (hackney) 10/11/2017
“I would definitely recommend AMDI to anyone learning to drive. I passed my driving test within 3 months of turning 17, and I believe I done so with the beyond adequate teaching and patience of my instructor; not only this I feel AMDI was always calm, clear and put his confidence in me whilst I was behind the wheel which helped me along the way a great deal.” – Miss Suzie(Bow)27/10/2017
“AMDI is a very patient, calm and knowledgeable driving instructor, who I would highly recommend. He explained not only what I needed to do but also the theory behind it so I fully understood. He gave me the confidence I needed to pass. Thank you AMDI ! All the best, Maria.” – Maria Elaine (whitchapel) 20/10/2017
“I would recommend anyone to have AMDI as a driving Instructor. He is always very calm when teaching and I feel like that was a big help for me because when I started learning I was quite a nervous driver. He also always had a lot of confidence in me which made me feel confident in myself and my own driving. Without AMD’s teaching I don’t think I would have passed first time. Thank You AMDI. Mr Mohammed Nadeem (Manor Park) 06/10/2017
“Hats off the AMDI, he’s an excellent instructor. Grand a car and service. Highly recommend him on a personal level and instructor level. Highly patient and understand fellow .” – Miss Sarah(East Ham) 22/09/2017
“AMDI has got right experience, tips and methods to crack the test. Got through the driving practical test today. Thank you Amdi for training me. I recommend AMDI to get the right set of skills to drive .” – Mr Wesley (Canning town ) 01/09/2017
“If you want professional, consistent and friendly service…..AMDI is the instructor for you. AMDI’s was my third instructor and I just knew he was right for me. He is extremely focused, flexible, reliable and fun. Not only does AMDI have a vast amount of knowledge and experience, he can quickly see what needs to be focused on and with advise encouragement and patience I passed 2nd time! Out of all the instructors I’ve tried AMDI was undoubtedly the best!! Thank you so much for your support from the very start, I know I was a challenge!! George.” – Mr George (Mile End)18/08/2017
“It has to be said, when someone is good at what they do like AMDI is then, they’ve got to be commended and the word spread. AMD’s style of teaching is simple but effective and does deliver results. I’ll recommed him to anyone – what a nice and proffessional instructor. Thanks AMDI.” – Mr Nick (chinford) 04/08/2016
“I would recommend AMDI as a driving instructor anyone I know. He is a friendly and very confident teacher. I held a Australian licence for some time but have not driven a manual car. Also I was not familiar with roundabouts. AMDI patiently taught me all of this and helped me put the things he taught me to practice. AMDI taught me the clutch control and Manoeuvring. I obtained my full driving licence in FULL FOUR lessons. Thats right guys. AMDI you are a very patient and the best instructor I have ever seen. Thank you so much.” – Miss Rebecca (Hackney)21/07/2016
“I would highly recommend AMDI as a driving instructor. He was recommended to me by my friend and also taught my boyfriend to drive. I was so nervous on my first few lessons but he kept me calm and reassured me throughout. He helped me build my confidence so I was ready for my test, which I never thought I would be. He helped me learn in a way that suited me and was very patient with me when I got flustered or upset. He is a brilliant teacher. Thank you AMDI!!” – Miss Kim (Lewisham )09/07/2016
“I was delighted to pass my driving test first time and I believe AMDI as an instructor made it possible to do so. As an instuctor AMDI was clear, patient and thorough when covering possible routes. This helped me to be more prepared an confident for my test. AMDI also helped me complete my manoevres with ease during the test, as we had covered them all with great precision in the lessons before hand. Overall I was extremely happy with the lessons and felt under AMDI’s instructions I was able to complete the test and pass first time.” – Mr Jimmy (Black Heath)26/06/2016
“AMDI was my second driving instructor and from our first driving lesson I knew he was exactly who I needed. Throughout my process of learning, AMDI was extremely patient and hands-on with helping me understand driving. Not only does he treat you as his pupil but also a friend; he makes you feel relaxed even in the most nerving situations. If it wasn’t for AMDI I believe I would still be taking lessons now. I can’t thank him enough for the stage he got me to finally pass and would recommend him to anybody who wants fast progression.” – Mr Andrew (Homerton)20/06/2016
“AMDI was a great instructor from the start. He had a lot of patience and explained things very well. Right up until my last lesson he was always concerned with what I wanted to improve/work on making me a better driver. I wouldn’t have passed first time without AMDI as my instructor. Thank you so much!! RAZA.” – Raza (Forest Gate)12/12/2016
“AMDI is a excellent driving instructor! He is very friendly and clear with his instructions. I would recommend anyone who wants not only to pass the test but also a perfect driver. AMDI’s simple teaching technic deliver the excellent result. I am very pleased with the overall service of AMDI DRIVING SCHOOL. Kamar.” – Mr Kamar (Hackney) 20/06/2016
“Amazing instructor with great approach to the student. Very good explanations and makes every driving lesson great and enjoyable experience. But most of all really does teach you how to drive safely and pass your test. Thanks AMDI! ” – Miss Fatima (BOW) 18/05/2016
“AMDI is an amazing instructor, very supportive and patient. I have had several instructors and only AMDI has been the most reliable and helpful. I would strongly recommend his AMDI driving school before any other. Thank you so much for your time and to pass first time after a short while is amazing due to you. Highly recommendable. Thank you so much! KYLIE:) ” – Miss Kylie Coppin ( Bow) 14/05/2015
“”AMDI had a lot of faith in me and it give me the confidence to pass first time.”I don’t think I would have done it with another instructor as AMDI made me feel at ease.”I now have a car and I also have two very happy children because mummy can take them where ever they want to go.”Once again thank you and I will pass on your number to everyone I know who are thinking of taking lessons. LINDA.” – Miss Linda (Hackney) 29/04/2014
“Hi AMDI its jasmine, I’d just like to say i couldn’t of had a better instructor than AMDI. I passed first time within 8months. AMDI will not give up on you and is there to help you reach your goals. I have recommended AMDI DRIVING SCHOOL to many people and feel proud to do so. Good luck to everyone, you have chosen the best instructor.” – Miss Jasmine Knight ( Clapton) 23/03/2015
“Hi AMDI, a massive thanks again for everything! You’re a great instructor and it made such a difference that you went at my pace as well as pushing me to achieve. I’ve already sent two friends to you, so more will definitely be recommended! “See you around, Katrina.” – Katrina (Lewisham) 30/02/2015
“Hi AMDI !”Just wanted to say thank you so much for being such a great driving instructor! After having had some awful instructors I was so lucky to have you recommended to me and help me gain the confidence and ability to pass first time! I will continue to recommend you to everyone I know!” To anyone thinking of being instructed by AMDI’s DO IT! He’s taught my aunt (who’s in her fifties), myself and my best friend who were both very nervous, my sister’s boyfriend and my brother (who has disabilities). All of us have passed first time with AMDI DRIVING SCHOOL ! “Thanks Again!” – Kylie Coppin (Leyton)14/02/2015
“AMDI!! You are the best Driving Instructor ever!! You treated me as a friend and I could talk to you about anything. I can never thank you enough for giving me the confidence and ability to pass my driving test FIRST time and for being someone I could talk to when I was worrying about stuff!! I am going to miss our lessons but at least we will be neighbours soon …Thank you soon much again AMDI.” – Amar Ali (Islington) 02/04/2015
“I found AMDI DRIVING SCHOOL after an awful prior experience with an instructor. I was very low on confidence and honestly believed that I could not ever pass my test. AMDI’S had his work cut out, but he took it in his stride and offered me a service that was personal and professional. AMDI recovered my confidence and allowed me to go at my own pace. He views his students as people, rather then numbers, which is evident in the type of service he provided. AMDI was always on time and extremely professional in his approach, offering leaflets for assistance. “I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I passed after three months in AMDI’s care…on my first test! “AMDI’s best quality is to give his students the confidence to realise their potential. “Thank you sooooo much AMDI, I enjoyed my time with you and the long and interesting chats too.” – Ali Ahmed 19/01/2015