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Warning to Drivers!

Warning to Drivers!

I came across this post on Facebook and it highlights perfectly how been impatient or absent minded while driving can be fatal. Please read this story and heed the advice given for your own safety!

“For all you drivers out there who decide to ignore the vehicles heading towards you with amber flashing lights on it, if it says “ WIDE LOAD” or “ESCORT VEHICLE”. It generally means that some thing rather large is headed your direction and it will easily open your car up like a can opener!!!

This is the result of a driver who decided to ignore an escort vehicle this week because she knew better.

We do not drive about with flashing lights on waving our arms out of the windows for the fun of it, first and for most we are their for YOUR safety aswell as the safety of the load that is been transported. We don’t enjoy holding you up or arguing with you just because we have asked you to move over or even stop if it is deemed necessary. So how about show abit of respect. Surely getting to your destination 2mins late is preferable to not getting there at all!!!!

The driver of this car put not only her own life at risk but also that of her passengers who had no choice in what she was doing!!!

Please, use common sense and respect any form of flashing lights that you see on the road.”

Wrecked Car


Please be patient, be wary. It’s better to turn up 5 minutes late than not at all. Stay safe when driving.

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